The German Rex
in America (CFA)
and the consequences


Curly, breeder: Mrs. Dr. Rosa Scheuer-Karpin, owner: Mrs. Gertraude Knuth from Berlin
This is "Curly", a daughter of Laemmchen
and a sister of "Christopher".

The first German Rex in the USA was "CFA Ch Christopher Columbus of Hi-Fi" (CFA-reg.). Christopher was the sieving registered Rex in the CFA. Reg.-N.: 990-0007. The first Rex was Marmaduke of Daz-Zling, N.: 990-0001-PR1

Several kittens (11 Rex and hybrids) of the first German Rex "Laemmchen" and "Curlie" came to the United States. Apair of normal coated hybrids were sent to Mrs. Sahra Muckenhoupt and then both Christopher and Cleopatra came to Mrs. Joan O'shea of New York. Further cats followed. 

Laemmchen died of cancer on December 19, 1964. Dr. Rosa Scheuer-Karpin estimates that she was about 20 years of age. Two years prior to her death she delivered her last kitten named "Cleopatra"

Unlike other countries, all varieties of Rex are recognized as one breed in the U.S. It has been proved that the CRX and the GRX cats are the same breed. Two independent breeding experiments took place in 1970. Two separate crosses between Cornish and German Rex produced Rex kittens.

The first breeding was planned by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tracy and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith. Rodell's Rimski, the Smith's CRX, was bred to the Tracys' German Rex Paw Prints Schatz. On May 16, 1970 two rex kittens were born. The GRX improved the curled and dense coat. This Rexesin America have not problems with that DRX genes (Annelida cattery). However the GRX in Germany had also thereby problems. PEDIGREES

Several breedings, since these first two, have occurred to demonstrate the compatibility of Cornish and German Rex varieties. Mrs. O'Shea (Hi-Fi-cattery) of New York introduced the breed to Bill and Maddie Beck (cattery "Katzenreich").
But that was the end of the German Rex breed in America! The GRX gave only the advantages on the Cornish Rex. 
But the Rex from Germany took part at the good development of the CRX. 

All cats of this side were CFA registered!

The good start

Laemmchen, Besitzer: Dr. R. Scheuer-Karpin

Mrs. O'Shea mit Christopher

Mrs. O'Shea with Cleopatra from Germany (GRX)

Christopher Columbus


Mrs. O'Shea
withe Christopher the first GRX in America

Mrs. O'Shea and Cleopatra, the last kitten of Laemmchen.

Panamerican Ch. 
Christ. Columbus

Rexkittens, 8 weeks, breeder: fam. Muckenhoupt

Cleopatra, GRX, breeder: Mrs. Dr. R. Scheuer-Karpin, owner: Mrs. O'Shea, the last kitten of Laemmchen

GRX kitten in America, a daughter of Christopher, breeder: O'Shea

GRX-kittens, black, breeder: Mrs. O'Shea

first Rex kittens (GRX x CRX) with
8 weeks, breeder: Muckenhoupt

Cleopatra, GRX, the last kitten of Laemmchen, owner: Mrs. O'Shea

A GRX kitten in America, a daughter of Christopher.

First GRX-kittens in the U.S. (black)
breeder: Mrs: O'Shea
(Rex x hybrid)

We wait for dinner

Schultzie, Schwartzie und Scholtzie, GRX

A GRX cat group by Mrs. O'Shea

Schultzie, Schwartzie and Scholtzie of Hi-Fi, 
sire: Christopher.  Columbus, (GRX, black)
dame: Gretchen, Rex-hybrid, black


CFA-CH Birch Woods Martin Probisher
Further historical pedigrees (also CFA) on the website 
cattery of Saxon Glory's; link : Pedigrees.

(Martin was very massive.)


Inserat der GRX-Rex-Cattery Paw-Print`s

The continuation

All GRX-cats were components of the CRX-breed

German Rex
Gr. CH. HI-FI's Hedwig of Katzenreich (GRX),
a tortoiseshell Rex bred by Mrs. O'Shea and owned by Bill and Madalene Beck. 
The parents was Hi-Fi's Schwartzie 
x Meerschaum Grindl of Hi-Fi
Hedwig was CFA All-Star Rex in 1966-67 and one of the first Rex who win a Best Cat Award in a CFA show in 1967. 
She was a granddaughter of "Laemmchen
", the first GRX.

Gr.CH. Katzenreichs Gretl, German Rex 
owner: Bill and Madalene Beck, Maryland

CFA CH Paw Prints Liebling, black-smoke , GRX female
breeder and owner: Charles and Mabel Tracy, Maryland 
sire: Paw Prints Frederick
dame: Paw Prints Schatz 

Paw Prints Schatz, German Rex,  
white (?) with black cap and tabby tail. 
Breeder and owner: Charles and Mabel Tracy, Maryland 

Rodell's Rimski of Paw Prints, 
Cornish California Rex which sired first German/Cornish cross consisting of three males, a white, a brown and
a classic silver tabby.
Rimski was breed by Bob and Dell Smith and 
was owned by Mabel and Charles Tracy of Sparks, Maryland.
Photo by Francis Herzberger.

Rodell's Rimski of Paw Prints

Paw Prints Evan, brown-classic-silver-tabby,
(F1 GRX x CRX), male Kitten #2 in the first litter of the GRX x CRX cross, bred by the Tracys. Photo: F. Herzberger

Paw Prints Adam,
(F1 GRX x CRX) male, white

In the same year (1970) still a second mating between a German Rex "New Moon Kristina" and a Cornish Rex "Trinka's Icarus of Daz Zling" took place. 
The kittens were born on 25 May 1970.

CH. Paw Prints Amy, brown-tabby-mackerel, 
(F1; GRX x CRX), 
born in December 1970. She is pictured here at 5 months of age.
Sire: Rodell's Rimski of Paw Prints
Dame: Ch. Birchwood's Ingrid of Paw Prints,
breeder: Familie Tracy, owner was: Bernice Cool

.... and more!

Rex archives of Mrs. Rosa Scheuer-Karpin,
my collections, private gifts 
and of the CFA yearbook (1967 and 1973).
Collection of the pictures and the information: Ilona Jaenicke, cattery: Saxon Glory

by Ilona jaenicke