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German Rex breed group, 

Bebop's Zapotilla GRX black ticked
Owner: M. Gerver, NL

Our small breed group confronts itself to a large challenge. We aim at, the GRX-registration and acceptance in the CFA. We submitted about 50 old pedigrees
as well as historical information at the association. We hope for your international participation. Without beginning, no result. 

Gr. Ch. HI-FI's Hedwig of KatzenreichC.F.A. Gr. Ch. HI-FI's Hedwig of Katzenreich (Reg.-Nr.: 971-0009), a tortoiseshell Rex bred by Mrs. O'Shea and owned by Bill and Madalene Beck. The sire was Hi-Fi's Schwartz ex-Meerschaum Grindl of Hi-Fi. Hedwig was CFA All-Star Rex in 1966-67 and one of the first Rex to win a Best Cat Award in a CFA show in 1967. She is a grauddaughter of "Laemmchen". LINK:

The German Rex was the first cat with waves. The first Rex was born in 1930/31 (please read the history). In America some of these cats existed in the sixties, too. However they were paired with the CRX, for example in the Hi-Fi- and in the Pan Prints cattery - unfortunaty. But the GRX had the better waves at that time. Later they disappeared in the USA and there were only a few breeders in Germany

In 1999 we had found no 5 cats for the breed all over the world. These cats were very rare and became extinct nearly.

We work at the outcross program. The type still is different (above  you see a cat in the very good type). Well, the GRX is proximately a European Shorthair (EUR) or an American Shorthair (ASH) with waves and fine legs of medium lenght and small oval feets, somewhat more elegantly.

The breed program is controlled and well considered. These cats find friends and it gives world-wide interest and questions.




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