The FIFe-Standard

Very good type!
German Rex in torbie-white, breeder: fam. Glueck
Cattery: Gluecksanger / Gluecksklee

rex types

Point score


The head is round with good breadth between the ears, a strong chin and well developed cheeks. The nose should have a slight indenration at the top.
The eyes are set at a good distance from the nose, beginning at the outer rather than the inner edge of the nose outline.


Large, wide at the base and slightly rounded. The outside is well covered with fine hair; the inside is lightly covered


Medium in size, well opened, brillant in colour which should harmonize with the particular coat colour.


The body should be medium in size and lenght; strong and muscular but not massive or fat. In profile the chest is round and strong. Fine legs of medium lenght, small oval feets.


Medium in lenght; from a substantial base it tapers slightly to a rounded tip. Well covered with fur.


Very special in this variety because of the lack of guardhairs; very silky, short, with a tendency to curl, velvery. Curly whiskers. All Colours are allowed including all varieties with white, distribution as in Bi-Colour and Tri-Colour cats.

Point score
Body: 25 points
Head: 15 points
Eyes: 10 points
Coat / texture:
30 points
Color: 10 points
Tail:   5 points
Condition:   5 points