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CFA-Breed Standard
German Rex

The German Rex in the CFA existed already in the sixties-years. The cats were at that time already registered and introduced on shows. There were CFA champions. 


All parts of the body are medium.
By nature, the German Rex is intelligent, alert, and generally likes to be handled.

Head :

The size is medium, the shape is rounded with good breadth between the ears, 

Cheeks :

the cheeks are well developed

Nose :

The Nose has a slight indentation at the base.

Chin :

is strong

Whiskers :

Partly shorter than usual, well developed, curved and/or crinkled

Ears :

Medium large, wide at the base, slightly rounded at the tips. Outside well covered with fine hair, inside slightly covered and the colour is brilliant; harmonizing with the coat colour

Body :

Of medium length, strong and muscular, but not massive or coarse. In profile the chest is strong and rounded. Back straight from the shoulders to the rump.

Legs :

of medium and rather fine.

Paws :

Well developed and rounded.

Tail :

Of medium length, from a substantial base tapering to a rounded tip; well covered with fur.

Coat :

The structure is short and velvety, soft, silky, and free of guard hairs. Density varies from a thin and soft to a thick uppercoat. Wavy, without guard hairs – very special to this variety.   

Colour :

All colour varieties and patterns are permitted, including those with white. Any amount of white is permitted. (see Cornish Rex)


firm and muscular

Penalize :

sparse coat or bare spots, not wavy enought, too small ears, short tail, bare tail, too long head, too pointed head, lack of muscle tone,


kinked or abnormal tail. Incorrect number of toes. Any coarse or guard hairs. Any signs of lameness in the hindquarters. Signs of poor health.

Yellow marking: Differences to the CRX,
(both breeds have the same curl-gene)

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